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Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Part one of a two-part series. In this video, we review how our current Federal Individual Tax System works, the income and deductions claimed on 157 million tax returns from 2019, and how the results indicate there is a 98.9% chance that your politicians in DC don’t care about you. In Part II, we’ll review who paid what taxes and took advantage of what tax codes to show that a Flat Federal Tax with a Flat Federal Tax Deduction System may be what our Republic needs most now.

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Johann Strauss II - The Blue Danube Waltz

A three-minute video on how to set up an account with the Treasury to buy I Bonds and make 9.62% annualized on your cash deposits.

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A review of the Pig-Butchering Scam that has defrauded millions of victims of billions of dollars. A promise of high returns involving crypto-mining that leads to complete losses after the “Pig” is fattened and butchered.

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