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Scrap the Cap on Social Security

A review of the “Scrap the Cap” plan which calls for the elimination of the Contribution and Benefit Base and “Taxing the Rich” to fix Social Security.

Scrap the Cap on Social Security Video Link:

Social Security Links

Contribution and Benefit Base:

BLS Inflation Calculator:

IRS SOI Integrated Business Data:

IRS 2020 Individual Income Tax Returns:

Social Security Amendments of 1983:


How to Fix & Save Social Security: Tax Gap Series: Unified Tax Code Series:

Video Links

Trust Fund Optimization:

MMT Part 4, How to Fix It:

What the Hell is the Tax Gap Part III:

Audio Special Thanks

Chris Haugen - Western Spaghetti

Quincas Moreira - Veracruz

Chris Zabriskie – Readers! Do you Read

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