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Part II of the Forest Light Investor Alert Series, a review of the red flags behind the acquisitions backing this operation and a look into the Mindset Master…

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Forest Light Capital Part I:

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A review about how Forest Light Capital LLC and its General Partner, Aakif Ahmad, tried to get me to invest $50,000 in either improperly unregistered promissory notes or a Ponzi scheme...the jury is still out because this operation is still ongoing.

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Bonus Content - Aakif Ahmad explains Forest Light Capital’s “investment thesis” in an interview with Shota Atago. This link worked as of 12/30/2023, if it stops working, someone took it down…

A review of why there is more to the story when Politicians state that we are going to spend more on National Debt Interest than National Defense Spending as our National Debt and Interest Expense begins to compound at a faster rate.

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The Compounding Military Pension –a Failure in Military Strategic Readiness:

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How to “Solve” Our National Debt “Problem” -

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