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In 2019, I thought it would be humorous to build a program that showcased my abilities as a Financial Planner and modeled out the entire spectrum of possibilities that could be taken to solve our National Debt problem. It became less humorous when that “marketing gimmick” invalidated a large portion of what I had learned during my formal education and an even larger portion of the investment principles that our Financial Industry is using to manage our collective life savings. Nervous but undeterred, I pressed forward with confidence that my endeavors would lead me out of the woods of unknowing and into a meadow of understanding if I just maintained my resolve long enough and continued to put one foot in front of the other. After thousands of hours of research, the eleven steps detailed in The National Debt Project paper were the most important during my journey to “solve” our National Debt “problem.”

The National Debt Project
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Part Four of the Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) series. After four years of research, I finally present the solution to our National Debt problem…which turned out to be a problem within our Political System. In this video, I present two solutions to address The Flaw reviewed in Part I and The Failed Assumption of a Government We Do Not Have discussed in Part II, which you can now evaluate with the Variables to Grade Government Spending from Part III. Enjoy.


Unified Federal Tax System:

Optimized Trust Fund System:

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White Paper Link - How to “Solve” our National Debt “Problem”

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Part three of the Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) series. In this video, I review nine Variables to Grade Government Spending now that both sides of the aisle have adopted MMT by their actions and have an untethered ability to spend. From growing our Middle Class to keeping Inflation in check, once you understand these variables you can “pull the curtain” on Government spending.


Real GDP, Middle Class Growth, Rate of Poverty, Wealth Inequality, Equitable Tax Code, Government Tax Revenue, Rate of Inflation, Societal Utility, Real Value of Debt

White Paper Link:

How to “Solve” our National Debt “Problem”

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